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Monday, June 17, 2013

Homeschooling Update

    Nana, Bobo, Sissy and I went out Friday on a day of exploring. First we stopped at a local cider mill where they were just getting ready for the summer months. They had flowers, vegetable plants and some new animals that had just been born. We had the mill practically to ourselves because the kids are still in school in Connecticut.
   Then we went to a working farm that was nice enough to let us wander around on our own as long as we did not open any fences or try to touch the animals. It was evident that Bobo and Sissy were very excited to walk around at their own pace. The new babies were beautiful. Then we had ice cream made right there on the farm.
        This summer we plan on going to Vermont Cabot Cheese, Green
Mountain Coffee, and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream facility in Vermont.  There are a lot of other educational facilities in the area. Some of the other places we have talked about are Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. and Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. We are very lucky to be in New England with all of our rich history.
    Then Saturday was our local Miss Strawberry Contest. Sissy tried again but was a little upset that she did not get second place like before. After that we went to our local Lowe's where they had a make a Lego Car afternoon. This time it was a police car. A couple of months ago we went to Home Depot where kids were able to make a birdhouse.
    This year we participated in the Six Flags Read to Succeed Reading program. Bobo and Sissy had enough hours of book reading or being read to, which we did during our homeschooling day, and they both received tickets to attend.  When children are being homeschooled their education does not take the summer off.
    Every week we have still been going on our grocery trips. We have been making out our lists and then buying, paying and packing our groceries. Our local parks department is finishing up their programs. Bobo was too old this year but Sissy went. She will not be able to attend next year.
       We hope to go strawberry picking this week.

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