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Saturday, February 23, 2013

We are Working on the letter "D".

These past couple of weeks we have been working on the letter "D". No matter what we wanted to talk about Bobo was trying to keep talking about dinosaurs. Big ones, little ones, tall and short ones. It is truly amazing how many he can name. That's one of the reasons we love homeschooling, they can work on what they want, when they want. Sissy is not that interested in dinosaurs so she has been working on math. I cannot wait until the next couple of letters. I am especially waiting to get to the letter "F". I love to talk about America and our story of all of our different flag designs, why it was changed, and how we got to today's design. Then we want to try to read about some of the flags of other countries. I can remember when I was in school we had to learn about the flags of a lot of countries. I do not remember Mommy and her brother and sisters having to learn and be tested on the flags of other countries. While we are working on one letter we try to collect things that we will be working on for the next few letters. I sometimes feel as if we are under a microscope and others might or might not agree with us and homeschooling. Then we are in a group of others, whether at a store, paying for the food they have picked out, or at a restaurant ordering their own food and paying, and having someone compliment the kids and we are once again sure that our family has made the right choice.

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