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Monday, February 11, 2013

Chronicles of the Broken by Amanda Washington Book Review

I started to read this book because it is about teenagers who deal with a lot of bad situations. It is a different kind of Christian series, nothing is sugar coated! There are some readers who may feel that it is too true to life. They are struggling to stay together while dealing with the problems of peer pressure, their families' problems and their friendships just falling apart. There is Jessica who is doing all that she can to try to forget that her mother is dealing with cancer. She gets out of one situation, and Trevor, one of their group,  tries to start a relationship with her but soon finds out that another so called one of his best friends has had the same idea. Trevor is trying to battle his own fears but is moving further and further away from the ones who care the most for him. Will Jessica be too late to reconcile? Jessica feels the weight of taking care of her mother and one day she goes to school despite her father's wishes. She returns home to find that her mother had passed away. She has to try to deal with this. These are just after all children trying to make it in a world filled with trials to deal with and to see their friendships tested to their limits. This is a series which the characters are learning that God is always there to help them through their trials.
This is a very good book for young people to read and even though the series is a little different than what I have read before it is a compelling story. I was given this by Book Crash under Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255 for the purpose of a review but all opinions are all my own.

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  1. Ahhh Well I have never read it, but sounds interesting!!! I like your blog layout! Stop by my blog sometime!!