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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Teaching Moment Watching the Inauguration

Yesterday we spent the day watching the Presidential Inauguration with Bobo and Sissy. They really liked the singing , the parade and all of the excitement. They really did not like the speeches. We talked about being American and being able to vote, which was what we talked about on election day.  Sissy asked why some were wearing red coats in the parade so we explained what that meant. It was a thrilling moment when they got out during the parade and walked a short distance.  Mommy and her sisters and brother were taught from an early age how important it was to vote because I have held 2 elected offices. We took them into the voting machine and showed them how to vote. They also were excited to see their Mommy's name on the machine. The day each of them turned 18 we went to town hall and registered to vote.
I watched the different Balls after and on a personal note, The First Lady's gown was pretty but I am not sure that I think it was an appropriate choice.  I actually think that it was not the kind of event that a First Lady should wear this type of gown.  But, it is my personal feeling.  I thought that it was not demure enough for me. I do not remember any other First Lady dressing like this. Maybe, I am just old-fashioned. Oh no, I never thought I would say that, only my parents were not me.   Nana

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