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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An Angel by Her Side by Ruth Reid Book Review

   I just finished reading a book called An Angel by Her Side by Ruth Reid, another book in her series called A Heaven On Earth. This book is about overcoming tragedy, loss and heartbreak.
   Kate Bender has suffered a horrible loss, her fiance has died tragically in an accident and she has given up on ever finding love again. Kate is practical but she is also heartbroken. After the accident she was able realize her teaching abilities and begins to teach in her small settlement.  When yet another set back occurs and the schoolhouse is destroyed by a tornado, she is left with the task of what she was going to do to be able to find work and support herself.
   A few days before the storm Seth Stutzman arrived in Hope Falls. When the tornado hit he helped the children and Kate to reach safety. Amos who is Seth's brother is trying to get over the death of his wife and Seth has come to help him. He has no time to even think about Kate.
    Everyone comes together to help rebuild their town and Kate and Seth begin to work near each other. During their hard work each of their hearts  begin to wrestle with their feelings for each other. The mighty Angel Elias comes to them as a mysterious new person. The Angel Elias has sworn to protect what God has ordained. He slowly begins to show Seth and Kate how to have the courage and the strength to find the love and the life that they were meant to have.
    This book was truly a wonderful example of getting over tragedies that no one should have to endure. It is truly with the help of a very special Angel that they are finally able to realize their love for each other.
    I really loved the book and I love the series that this author has begun.   I was given this book to review by Booksneeze. All opinions are 100% my own.

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