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Sunday, December 23, 2012


    Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Bo and Sissy are very excited. This year because they are home schooled Mommy and I decided that they should do something nice for some of their neighbors as a school project. If they were in school they would be making crafts so Auntie Lala , Mommy, Auntie Icky, and Nana helped them make baskets for some of their neighbors with coffee cups, teas, chocolate, and more. They will deliver them tomorrow. Auntie Lala and Auntie Icky are always thinking of crafts for Bobo and Sissy to do that coincide with the holiday.
   Auntie Lala and Auntie Icky helped Bobo and Sissy make picture frames out of Popsicle sticks. They glued the pieces together in a square and then made a triangle shape on the top to look like a house. Then they poured different kinds of sparkles on them. The last part was when  they put pictures of the kids inside and made an ornament out of them. Bobo and Sissy loved them.
   I remember when I was in school the teacher bought in a box of small round ornaments, one for each child. Then she had us each take a copy of our school picture, ( not sure how she was able to get them) and take a cotton ball, put it in glue, attach it to the back of the picture which we then secured to the ornament. I think that my parents still have this. 
   I was upset when I was the room mother in my children's room at school and we were not allowed to make decorations. All children need to learn how to be creative. This is just another reason why we are glad Mommy is Home Schooling Bobo and Sissy. When you are homeschooled you are free to express your own beliefs, family traditions and more.
   This is our third Christmas without Poppie. For the last two  I have been staying the night so that I will see Bobo's and Sissy's faces when they come down on Christmas morning. Then my sister wakes us up. (if we are not already up) at about 7:00 am with hot coffee and hot chocolate.
    On Christmas Eve Nana's Mommy is making lasagna. This is always a great meal to have when everyone is to tied to cook all day for 2 days straight. You can make it ahead, put it in the refrigerator and cook it later in the day. In the meantime all the dishes can be washed and put away. It is a great timesaver and it is also more relaxing for the cook.   We have decided, Mommy and I, to make a turkey breast, a ham and a roast in the crockpot. Mommy had a reaction to ham, some hate turkey, and or roast so everyone will have a choice of 3 or all 3. We hope it will be easy this year.  
   Everytime I look at Bobo and Sissy I am reminded how lucky we really are.

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