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Thursday, December 27, 2012


    It was just a few short weeks ago when my doorbell rang and the UPS man put a huge box on my steps. I couldn't wait to open it !  I was so excited when I saw what that this box contained, it was a  an Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System. From the moment we added the water and plugged it in we were in love. We were all able to get the drink we wanted without any wait. You are able to go from a hot to cold beverage in the blink of an eye!
   This machine is easy for anyone to use. All you have to do is add the water in the top reservoir, plug it in and turn it on. The first time it takes a few minutes to heat and cool the water. I was also some  pouches to try out the different drinks. It was so refreshing to be able to have an ice cold drink without going to get ice from the freezer. It was wonderful to get hot coffee or other drinks without wanting for the stove or microwave to heat the water.  I was not afraid to let older children use the machine because in order to get hot water there are 2 buttons to push, not just one, which you do when you want the cold water for a cold drink. The people that were invited to our party could not get enough of the different drinks. They kept comparing the drinks and talking about them. One other great features is that you can make your drinks as large or small that you want.
   I will be posting pictures as soon as possible. This machine is available at Walmart and Esio.com as well as the drop in and drink pouches. The pouches  are able to be switched in seconds. Each pouch contains about 20 drinks and they are self-sealing and need no refrigeration. If you want plain hot water or cold water you can also get that without any wait.
    This machine and a lot of different flavors to try were sent to me for the purpose of a review by Mom Select and Esio Hot & Cold Beverage Systems. I was not sent any other compensation for my review. All of the opinions are my own.

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