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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving is Over, Here Comes Christmas

   We survived Thanksgiving week. It is truly amazing because it is not just a regular family event. Mommy's birthday is November 21st , my birthday (Nana's),is the 24th, and Nana's sister is November 25th. It sometimes works out that one of our birthdays is actually on Thanksgiving. We do, however, almost always celebrate our birthdays together on turkey day.
   Mommy was able to get a lot of the items she wanted for presents by going online at the crack of dawn on Black Friday. I was too tired to help, but Daddy stood outside of a few stores, as did Mommy's little sister at http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com .
   Bobo and Sissy have started to make out their lists. I  really think that because they are homeschooled they are not really concerned that they have something that everyone else has, but what they really do want. This year we have decided to really try to get each other things that we really need. Last year we lost power twice, during the hurricane and the early snow storm. This  year we had another hurricane.  Our state Connecticut is trying to recover. When we were without power last year for almost 9 days we had to do without  heat, hot water, and the outside world. The main thing was that we all came together and helped each other. For the first 2 days we all stayed at Mommy, Daddy, Bobo and Sissy's house because they had a fireplace.  This year when we lost power we had bought 3 generators.  2 of the families that bought them lost power for almost 2 days.  It is a great feeling to know that we will have power if this ever happens again.
   Poppie would have been 60 years old in 2 weeks if he had not had a cardiac arrest. I believe that these holidays are when we really feel the loss of our loved ones. We are like other familes. If a family has lost someone they should be remembered, especially during the holidays!

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