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Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting Over Hurricane Sandy

   The kids and Mommy have been working on the Earth , how we live on the earth, how many planets, what are their names, and still talking about odd and even numbers and how they form patterns.
   Auntie Lala made a huge family tree and the kids are writing their names on each leaf.
   Bobo and Sissy went Trick or Trick. The were not many children out at all. In the northeast again this year we are faced with picking up after Hurricane Sandy. Mommy's brother and her sister
http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com   were without power for a little over a day.
   At our house we only got 10 kids we usually get about 40. We had a ton of candy left over. Thank goodness for Bobo and Sissy , this holiday would be really sad for us because Poppie made a huge deal out of it every year. He scared the parents as much as he scared the kids.
  We went to see Mommy's little brother and his baby. What a beautiful child!
We love getting the extra hour of sleep.
    We are doing new giveaways every day. Try to enter all of them. There are a lot of other bloggers participating as well as http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com .
   We are starting to think about Thanksgiving dinner. We will probably have what we call a baked potato bar. I'll talk about that when we get closer to the holiday.
   We send our best wishes and prayers to those who were most affected by this hurricane and we hope that they get back to normal as soon as possible. Last year we went without power for about  9 days. It was horrible!

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