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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


  We are taking Bobo and Sissy to the polls. It is never to early to learn about how important it is to vote. I became involved in politics over 20 years ago like most people do, I believed that something was wrong so I decided to run for office and try to change it. I started by running for the Board of Education but quickly learned that it was the Town Council where the control of the money was. If anyone ever wants to get more funding and help for our children, they must work where the money comes from.
   When I was in office my husband, Mommy's and her brother and sister's Daddy and  I brought our 4 children with us to see Nana's name on the ballot  and to show them how to vote and  how important it was.
   We were treated to a lesson that I really could not believe. If anyone needs to be told that every vote counts it surely isn't me. I won my seat by 4 votes. Yes, it really was that close!  From that day forward when we  taught the kids how every vote really counts we could prove it.
   My grandchildren have seen their Grandmother's picture in the town hall where every member of that year's Council members are pictured year by year. When they get older they will be shown their Grandmother's name on a plaque in one of the buildings in town. In fact Mommy's littlest sister http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com ran for the Board of Education a few years ago and came very close to winning.
    Bobo and Sissy, like all children need to learn our history and how we got where we are today. Yes, tomorrow we will take Bobo and Sissy to the polls and I hope every other parent or caregiver takes not just their kids but anyone who wants to learn about our United Stated history. Every vote really does count.

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