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Monday, November 12, 2012

A MommyParties Party Sponsored by PINYPON Review

This is the dolls
This is how the figures are taken apart.
You change change the bodies, the hair, faces and more

  We were very lucky to be given the opportunity by MommyParties to host a party sponsored by PINYPON.  We were sent Pinypon caravans, Pinypon figures, coupons, and activities and games with this theme.  These are some of the Pinypon figures and this shows how they come apart to get a different figure each time. They are really cute and the girls really loved them. They also sent great easy recipes for the girls from 4-7 to help make.  They also were also very nice to send 2 Nenuco Newborn dolls. Sissy was over the top excited. The other was given away to a lucky girl at the party. They really had a great time! We received these for purpose of a review by a promotion by MomSelect and all opinions are our own,

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