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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


    We found a great way to get ready for Halloween.  There is a family farm very close to Mommy, Daddy, Bobo, and Sissy's house that has little animals, some things to ride and places to take pictures. But today when Sissy, Mommy and Auntie Lala went  they led them right into the pumpkin patch. Bobo was home with me because he didn't feel well. Sissy went into the patch and picked the 2 biggest pumpkins and then  Mommy asked how to get them off of the vine. They were told that they had to twist them off themselves.    I wish I was there, it must have been a lot of fun!! Bobo will go as soon as he feels better, but, Bobo and I had some time to work on the ipad. In our family we all suffer from allergies!  With all of the leaves falling we are really having a hard time.
    Thursday is Auntie Lala's birthday. I will not tell her age, she might get upset with me. Since she was born there has been a kind of race to see who would buy her a pumpkin first. If we had 10 or more pumpkins with Auntie Lala's presents we would not be surprised. Now, in our family the fun begins. Auntie Lala's birthday, then comes Uncle Lala's a few weeks later. Then Nana's Mommy's birthday,  Nana's Mommy and Daddy's Anniversary, which happens to be their 60th. Then Mommy's, mine and Nana's sister in the same week. We also cannot forget that this is usually the week of Thanksgiving.
   Which brings me to my love of cooking in the fall and winter. I am not a person who likes to cook in the warmer months of the year. When I was first married, because I come from a huge Italian family I learned how to bake my own bread. When Mommy and her brother and sisters were little they used to love it.  I am not sure if I could make it now, but I am thinking of trying it. If it comes out okay I will  let you know, if I doesn't we will just try to forget about it!  Usually a few weeks before Thanksgiving I start to go through books and magazines for great recipes to try. Sometimes, they have turned out better than we thought and sometimes we have had keepers. Next is Mommy's brother's birthday a few weeks before Christmas.
                       I guess we better start getting busy!

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