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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hurricane Sandy update!
   Yesterday after calling places and waiting in line for over 2 hours Mommy's little sister http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com and Uncle Mike got a generator. Now, the bad news is that then the unforeseen spending begins, the generator part was easy, not. The extension cords, special ones, are about $60 each. Then a big gas can another $20. Mommy also talked to her little brother and he was able to get a generator secured  for her but they had to go over half an hour to get it. So now 3 of my children have one so I guess I will be okay.
  The gas stations are already crazy, heck they were crazy last night. I went to a Sunoco station near Mommy's house and I almost got hit. Then I went to Lowes, no D size batteries, no flashlights, and very little lights that use batteries. I think that last year everyone was scared, the summer made us forget. But, now this one looks even worse than last year.
   Tomorrow is Uncle Lala's birthday party, today is his "real" birthday. We have decided to cook 2 turkey breasts so that 1, we will have a nice dinner before the storm and 2, we won't have to throw them away. I used to think that I would miss TV the most now I think I will miss my computer and my blog.
   We are having so much fun getting new followers and following other blogs. Bobo has a cold so he and I are having a together day. Yesterday he told us how the sun goes down and the moon comes up. Then he said that we live on the earth and there are 9 planets. I think we have 8 now, but I am sure that will change like everything else in education.
   This is where we show our ages. We are going to make our own solar system out of a hanger and some play dough. Oh my gosh for the first time in many years we will not have to watch the closings for school. Although I never sent my kids anyway, when I as the parent thought it wasn't safe, not the school officials. I guess I was a homeschooler even then, just waiting to realize it.

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