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Sunday, November 27, 2011


My day started out yesterday when I ran to SHOPRITE to get the last minute deals on VANITY FAIR NAPKINS, INTERNATION DELIGHT CREAMERS AND BETTY CROCKER INSTANT POTATO POUCHERS. The sales are over ut you can still download $.75 coupons for the creamers and $.40 coupons for the instant potatoes.
Then I went over to see Bobo and Sissy. It was a beautiful day so we decided to take out Bobo's battery powered car and their beautiful bikes that Nana's sister bought them for Christmas last year. They are still a little small to reach the pedals but there was no stopping them on the car!
We decided to put up the THOMAS THE TRAIN blow up decoration in the front yard. Bobo and Sissy loved it , it even had Sir Topem Hat on the side . We had a lot of fun putting up lights, too. We even raked up some leaves and they jumped into the piles with Mommy, Daddy and Auntie Lala and Uncle Lala.
Auntie Lala wanted to make a great snack called REINDEER FOOD. The funny part is that earlier in the day while Nana was on her way over to see them a deer actually ran past her a few houses from them.
It was really good and the kids put them into containers for everyone. Nana was able to grab some of the M&M candies before they were all gone.
Today we went over to Mommy's brother's house and Uncle Lala dressed as you know who ! We took tons of pictures. Sissy and Bobo were fooled, they really thought he was Santa. At first Sissy was scared but after a few minutes she was happy. Then we all went over to Nana's and she cooked dinner. I am so tired I am ready to go to bed. But first, I have a few more gifts to wrap...

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