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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, now after almost 10 days we finally got power and we are trying to get back to normal. It really isn't as easy as you think. I have an empty refrigerator and a empty freezer to fill. I have decided to go easy and to use coupons to stockpile once again. We lost power 2 months ago during Hurricane Irene and I was just building it up to have to start all over.
I read as many on-line coupon blogs I can find and I plan what I am going to get before I go to the store. Today Mommy, Sissy and Nana, (me), met at BJ'S WAREHOUSE and we got LAND'O'LAKES American cheese for $3.49 a pound. We bought 4 pounds. Sissy and Bobo loved grilled cheese sandwiches! Mommy and Sissy got frozen stuffed shells and frozen manicotti so that they can make these with the homemade sauce Mommy made and filled the freezer with.
If anything good can be said about this experience it is that we all seemed to have a wonderful time just enjoying each other. The kids were very good considering they had to spend the night at different relative's houses. I just thank goodness that we are all safe and our homes were okay.
Now we have started to think about Christmas and the holidays. I guess like all of Connecticut residents we will be cutting back. I think back to the days when Mommy and her sisters and brother were small. We always seemed to be able to get what they wanted by shopping the ads and being able to run to the store in the morning.
I remember standing in line for hours to be able to get a CABBAGE PATCH KID. I had to get three!
So, I guess my first step in preparation for thr holidays is to do what Sissy and Bobo do. Sit down, play a game and think about what I really want to do first. Sometimes kids have all the answers!

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