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Friday, November 11, 2011


I received this book Vengeance is Mine by Marie Weems because I am part of the Dorrance Book Review Team at www.dorrancebookstore.com. This begins as many other books do of it's kind. A young woman is waiting for her love to come back to her from the war so that they can be together. She is devastated to find out that his plane has gone down with no survivors. She goes on to surmount many obstacles in her way. She meets a young man who believes that they should be together and he says he loves her. Will she be able to love again? This story is a story which makes for a good read. The problem is that this book needs to be edited by a professional. There are spelling errors and errors in the copying of pages etc. It still although being a little hard to follow this is still a great read . The opinions are all my own.

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