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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Nana , Mommy and Sissy spent the day catching up on errands while Bobo was in school. We were able to get to BIG Y to get 3 more pounds of butter for each house. While we were there we saw that they had RITZ CRACKERS our favorite for the holidays $1.48 each with a limit of 2. There was a coupon in Sunday's paper for $1.00 of 2. So we paid $1.96 for both. The last thing we bought were GREEN GIANT FROZEN VEGETABLES for $1.00 each . Paired with the coupon for $1.00 off three. We were able to get 12 of these .

Total paid : $12.00 for frozen vegetables

$3.96 for crackers

$5.97 for butter

Used 4 coupons $1.00 for vegetables crackers $1.00 butter on sale $1.99 plus 3 online store coupons

before coupons $21.93

after coupons $14.38 A great day of shopping.

There is a coupon right now on the HORMEL website for $3.00 of 1 party tray. We were able to print 2. Within the next couple of days we are going to check TARGET and WALMART to see what their prices are. These will be great to keep on hand if anyone stops over and we want a quick snack.

Is it just me or is The Christmas season out of control? It's bad enough to see some decorations at the stores and watch all the ads on TV. But do I really have to see fresh evergreen wreaths for sale on racks outside of the grocery store. What a joke! They should at the very least wait until Thanksgiving. Maybe it's just me , but I want to be able to enjoy the season not just run to see if I can beat someone else for a sale.

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