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Monday, June 27, 2011


We have decided that our meals will be nice and easy this week

Monday , chicken salad made from a rotisserie chicken we made on Sunday. We use our Magic Bullet to make chicken salad.
Tuesday, frozen stuffed shells ,made with tomato sauce (if I am really tired I will use store bought sauce )
Wednesday , hamburgers on a roll , potato salad (Recipe at end of menu )beans
Thursday , open face turkey or roast beef sandwiches mashed potatoes
Friday , usually spend time together and get pizza
Saturday , having tag sale , eat at Mommy's

Nana's mother's potato salad recipe : take about 6 larger size potatoes , wash well in cold water , put in large sauce pan and cover all potatoes with water. boil until they are cooked when a fork is put in them. You might have to add more water if the water boils down and they are not cooked yet.
Boil about 5 eggs until they are hard boiled. After potatoes are done pour out hot water and fill up with cold water, drain out the water then let them cool for about 1/2 hour. Peel potatoes and cut up into about 1/2 inch pieces. Take 2 eggs peel ,dice them then put into bowl with cut potatoes. Try to use a larger bowl than you need so that when you mix this it will not look messy when served. I only use Hellman's Mayonnaise. Start with 1 cup of mayonnaise stir into potatoes until completely mixed . Add more mayonnaise to taste . Put in smaller bowl . Take the rest of the boiled eggs peel and slice into thin slices. Place around on top of salad. Put in refrigerator to cool. Serves 6 .

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