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Friday, June 24, 2011


The other night Bobo and Sissy were getting ready for bed. Mommy and Nana were talking about how tall they both were getting and also how they needed summer pajamas. First we looked at which ones we thought were too tight for Bobo and if they were something that Sissy would wear.

One of the first considerations should be, in any family, if there are younger children in the family is if the clothes can and should be passed down from child to child . It is very easy to pass clothes down to children that are both boys or both girls. You should also take into account that there are a lot of girls who like to wear boys clothes such as jeans and shirts to name a few . We decided to look around at a few stores in the area to get en idea of the price for new pajamas. After looking at a few stores in the area that had summer pajamas for children and found that they started at about $ 7.00 a set and up we decided to cut the winter ones that they had now.

The kids were very excited and could not believe what Nana and Mommy were doing. We held up the bottoms against the children one by one and determined where to cut them so that they were nearest to just above the knee. We did not even need to sew the edges because was the kind of material that would not ravel.

When we were done they couldn't wait to try them on and feel a lot cooler and more comfortable when they went to bed. One of Mommy's sisters who happens to be
was there .She is one who is always on the lookout to make something out of nothing, took the bottoms of the pajamas and because these were the ones with the feet in them, put them over her 2 hands. She then proceeded to put on a puppet show. The kids had a lot of fun with these. From now on we will cut any kind of pants that the kids have gotten too tall for.

Then Nana remembered when Mommy was in first grade and she cut a pair of Poppie's jeans to make shorts. She took the one of the legs and sewed them up to form a bag. Then she folded the top down about 1 inch wide. She pushed a ribbon through and had a great bag to carry things in. I guess we were frugal a long time ago, but didn't know it !

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