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Monday, June 20, 2011


I thought I would try something new as everyone has been saying that planning your meals for the week will truly save money on groceries every week , and who doesn't want to save money.

Monday for lunch egg salad , Bobo likes it Sissy loves to have a salad vegetable plate for lunch . Dinner is hamburgers and french fries

Tuesday will be Dennys for lunch will use a coupon , dinner will be probably chicken , with whipped potatoes and gravy

Wednesday lunch will be grilled cheese with tomato sandwiches pot roast in the crock pot. nice hot meal with no slaving over hot stove recipe to follow

Thursday lunch some kind of cold cut sandwich, the kids love their meat rolled Dinner will be
pasta made with the new small noodles . the kids love them and there is no cutting it up

Friday lunch getting ready for tag sale , dinner will be what we call fun . hot dogs cut up with beans, and any other vegetable like corn . with bread and butter .

Saturday , tag sale we will all put our heads together and think of something together

Let's see how much we will save . I know it will be easier knowing what we are having and what I need to get out of the freezer the night before

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