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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yesterday Nana, Mommy, Bobo and Sissy decided to go strawberry , blueberry and pea picking. All the way there every time TOM TOM talked the kids started to giggle. They kept singing "We're going pea picking, we're going pea picking . It made Nana and Mommy start to laugh. We should have waited to go on the weekend because they were either closed there were not a lot of employees there to help'

The first one we got to was supposed to be picking strawberries, blueberries, and peas. We got a small cardboard box and proceeded to start walking down the path. We got to the strawberry patch first and quickly realized they were really picked over and we were unable to get any . We started to walk further and further down the path and never even found the peas. Everyone , by this time were very hot and tired. We went back to a really cute farm stand which also had hot dogs, and milkshakes on their menu. Bobo wanted a chocolate one and Sissy wanted a vanilla one. We sat on a bench and enjoyed a cool breeze were the kids wouldn't share their milkshakes with us but that didn't really matter.

There were 3 more in the area so after programming TOM TOM we were off to continue our adventure. There were 2 that were suggested to us, but they were only opened on the weekends. We finally arrived at the next farm but it was closed to picking your own. during the week. We walked into the farm store and we were caught , hook, line and sinker. The first large room had fresh fruits and produce just picked.The first thing that caught our eyes were a huge romaine lettuce head for only $1.00. We bought just picked tomatoes, cucumbers, and yellow summer squash , my favorite squash of all. The smell of fresh apple pies, donuts and cookies were very strong in the air. The next smaller room had frozen apple, pumpkin pies and more. They had all different syrups such as apple ,blueberry, and more , made with fresh fruits picked a few feet away. The kids wanted a donut and cookies. Mommy picked out apple syrup and apple cinnamon pancake mix for breakfast.

We left that one filled up with fresh goodies and decided we were going to return on the weekend . The kids sang all the way home. What a great day we had !

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