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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Let me just say that I am really upset with myself. Last week Mommy, Auntie Lala, Bobo, Sissy and I decided to go on a true kids grocery shopping trip. One of the stores near us has smaller size carriages. They were just the right size. The kids wrote their own grocery list(with a little help) and off we went. It was so much fun to watch them know exactly want they wanted and where to find it. They each like different kinds of fruit so they picked what they wanted. Sissy likes yellow cheese and Bobo likes white. Then they picked out their own yogurt. Bobo picked out a chocolate cake mix and informed anyone nearby that his mother would make it with him. Sissy wanted brownies. Then Sissy said that she did not have anymore room, so her thoughtful brother walked over and fixed her carriage. They got up to the register and decided they needed a cold drink. They put all of their items on the belt and paid with a little help from us. They put their groceries in their carts and pushed them out to the car where they loaded them to get ready to go home. It was so much fun to watch the other shoppers, mostly elderly, because we went during the day, watch them. They even told the kids how well they were doing. I am upset because I forgot my camera. We have decided that we will try to make this a weekly lesson. Math, English, reading, how to ask for items and generally how to shop. We all came home where Bobo act his yogurt and Sissy made her fruit salad with Auntie Lala. We had a wonderful Happy fun day. We cannot wait to do it again!

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