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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The other day Mommy and Daddy and Bobo and Sissy with Nana sister went to New Hampshire. While they were there they went to see the CLYDESDALE HORSES. Bobo and Sissy loved them. Bobo told all of us that the horse sneezed near Sissy. This was a great way to see these beautiful horses and to talk about their history. They got tee shirts to remember them. They show the horses in the front looking at you and in the back as the kids walk away the backs of the horses. It is hysterical. Yesterday was Daddy's birthday. Sissy couldn't wait to decorate the cakes with Auntie Lala. Mommy make a yellow cake for Sissy and a chocolate cake for Bobo. Sissy wants to learn to cook and Bobo wants to eat. A great combination.

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