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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Boy oh boy was yesterday a lot of fun, not. Mommy was going to bake split chicken breasts for supper. The oven decided that it was going to break. So Auntie Lala, Auntie Icky http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com and Uncle Mike came over and helped us clean out the cabinets. Mommy has a wall oven and a cook top. The cook top is on top of a big cabinet that is used for pots and pans. It tool all afternoon to empty out the cabinet.  Meanwhile how would we cook the chicken?
It was CROCKPOT to the rescue. I took the chicken breast, took out the bones  and took  off the skin.We put them into the pot and put a bag of frozen green beans in. Then we mixed a packet of seasoning that was supposed to be for pot roast. We put the seasoning in about 1 cup of water stirred it and poured it over the contents of the pot. Then we set it on medium and continued on with our task. When we took the chicken out to eat them they were delicious. Now, Mommy and Daddy have to decide whether to buy a double wall oven, or a regular oven. I guess they will be shopping around for awhile. It promises either way to be a lot of work. I  do not think that we will be able to ignore it for long.


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