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Friday, August 17, 2012


Today we decided that we wanted to go vegetable picking. We called and they said that they were picking so we went. When we got there we realized that they were only picking on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I could not resist so I bought a basket of peppers, half bell and half frying peppers. I also bought squash and tomatoes. We came home and talked about these various vegetables and different recipes. Tomorrow we hope to try out some new recipes with Bobo and Sissy.
Now is the time that we like to cook ahead and freeze a lot of produce for the colder days. Last year we made a lot of fried peppers and onions, so that when we wanted to make sausage scallopini and other great Italian dishes we already had the bulk of the work done. Our family really loves the fall season. Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Bobo and various Aunts and Uncles have a ball picking apples. Maybe tomorrow we will go picking after all. I cannot wait.

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