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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There is something that I am getting more and more aggravated about. Maybe if I keep talking about it someone will get the message and we will again have the PARENTS in charge of their child's education like we are told in the  CONSTITUTION.
Everyday the more I read the more upset I get. I suppose I should not be surprised but I am all of the time. It just keep getting more and more preposterous.
A mother (they say) took her daughter to a tanning place. From what I saw on the news there was no sign of a burn that I could see. Yet, this mother was arrested and might get jail time. Now, I have read about and seen pictures of children that we burned a bright red. They say the law does not allow them to apply sunscreen. Was their phone broken? Where was the teacher's common sense?
A teacher in Connecticut slaps a child yet they do nothing. If a parent slaps their child they are abusers. Teachers and administrators across the country are putting our precious children in self-contained rooms, screaming rooms and they are bullying and restraining our children. Yet a parent puts their child in a closet and it is front page news and the parent gets arrested!
If one parent reads this and understands what is happening then I will be happy.
Isn't a person who we entrust our children with supposed to protect them and make sure that they are safe? Just because someone says, they are a teacher or a caregiver does not give them the right to hurt our children. I, for one, believe that they should be held to the high standards that our children deserve, And if they do not make the right choices then they should have to suffer the consequenses just like everyone else. There is no excuse to make these behaviors okay.

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  1. Please read and understand our children need protection. I am going to be a teacher in a year and have no desire to I have heard and seen too much. Sadly we live in a world where parents drop off thier children and work and are less active in thier childs education GET ACTIVE. Any child can be a victim. Sadly the control over our children has shifted TAKE IT BACK IT IS NOT TOO LATE