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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Okay there is a lot of information to report. The Homeschooling Convention in Ct. last weekend was very informative.  They were so helpful and were ready to answer any questions we had. It really is getting more apparent everyday to me that there are more and more parents are choosing to homeschool their children. Everyday there are more horror stories.  All I want to say to parents and caregivers everywhere is to stay informed about your schools, their policies and how they deal with children. It is not enough to just be in the PTA,  you really need to have a conversation everyday with your child no matter what their age is. There might be something that happened that they do not think is wrong but it really is. 
At the convention there were over 100 booths. There were also many items to buy for homeschooling.  http://www.dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com/ and Mommy were there all afternoon. They were able to buy a beautiful laminated map of the United States with all their information to use when Bobo and Sissy get to that lesson. We have realized more than ever that all everyday activities can be made to adapt to your lesson for the day or week.
For example we go to the grocery store with a list, read it , count the items, look at the prices. We then help to pay and count the money. Then when we get  home we count as we put away the items how much we have etc. This is a math lesson, a reading lesson and a social lesson, (interacted with other adults and children). When I was on the Board of Education I pushed for this kind of education that crossed math with reading , science with math and so on. Our children learn more by actions than words the younger they are. 
So now I can get to my real news. Yesterday, I went to our local library book sale.  I love to read and their books are very reasonable and mostly like new. I ask every time I go there if they have any information for homeschooling. They also have a little area on the way out that they put free items in.  On my way out I glanced at the free piles. Something told me to look under the shelves. I saw a box that said Early World of Learning! I opened the box and could not believe what I was really looking at. It looked to be almost complete.The person next to me said what a great way to help children learn. I explained that Mommy was homeschooling and she said she knew a lot of parents that were also starting to do this. When I showed this to Mommy she said that these were great. It even had handbooks for teachers and parents. The books all had different themes.  There were flashcards, puzzles and cassettes. One of the books was about learning to tell time. This book was like the one I learned how to tell with when I was in school. Mommy also learned this way. The book had a clock with movable hands and explanations of different times during the day.   I really wish that I was able to thank this parent for donating this to the library. I am sure  that after we are done we will pass it on to another family.
Now we are getting ready for our READING EGGS LESSON for the day.

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