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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It was amazing Saturday morning.This was Sissy's second year of dancing school! Last year she was scared and danced very little. This year the difference was apparent. There was more confidence and more ability, also. As usual I missed most of it because I get all teary eyed. It was wonderful to see my girls dance but being a grandmother is another story. There are not enough words to explain how proud I was of her , how proud I was of Bobo when he walked to Sissy and hugged her while he gave her flowers.

Every time I speak to anyone these days they are either homeschooling their children , their children are homeschooling their own children or they know someone who is. Just a few years ago this would seem strange to most people that you talk to. So, I started to wonder why so many parents have decided to home school their children. I didn't have to look far. Pick up any newspaper at anytime and you will get your answer. The schools today seem to make the news on a daily basis, although most of the time it isn't good news. I can say for sure that in the few weeks that Mommy has been homeschooling the children are happier and eager to learn. They ask us when they will have their lessons that day. When asked they do not really want to talk about school at all.

When children are home schooled there is a one to one education. This is incomparable to what they experience in school. To the parents or educators who say that a child should not be home schooled because they miss the social aspect, I would respectfully say that they are certainly misinformed. When we go out we work on our lessons every day. We count out money and pay our bill. We go places during the day that are less crowded because most children are in school. There is also scouts when they get older, and parks and recreation classes. All one has to day is take the time to look. Mommy is very happy with her decision.

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