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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Valentines Day is a big deal in our house. Mommy and I bought cupcake disposable tins in the shapes of hearts a few months ago. When we purchased them they were on sale so we were able to score them really cheap. Then a few months ago we were at ALDI GROCERY STORE and they had marked down cake mixes and frostings that were different colors for holiday baking. I had been promising Bobo and Sissy that we were going to make heart shaped cupcakes for Mommy and Daddy for Valentines Day. We made them and Bobo and Sissy were able to decorate them . they came out really cute. We have made a habit of buying various items on sale so that when we need them we do not have to go out and pay full purchase price for them.

I even have an under the bed storage container that I keep ribbons , cards and other things i use to wrap presents with. After christmas when I go looking for sales I always look for wrapping paper that I can use all year round. Solid red, white , gold work out great for other holidays. I also have to mention that I am in love with ribbon that has the ability to make stiff bows to look beautiful. Mommy and I have saved a lot of money thinking ahead.

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