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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We have been having rain for so long that we have been getting flood warnings. That means no playing outside on our toys. So we have been reading and getting ready for school.
Today we were all tired from the dreary day so we had soup and bread and butter for supper, applesauce.
Tuesday , I really want some chicken of some kind. I really love chicken and there are so many ways to prepare it.
Wednesday, I think we will have hot dogs and beans, If I am really ambitious we will have potato salad.
Thursday , pasta with a nice green salad , I love fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden , Sissy loves them too.
Friday , we will be getting ready for the tag sale, let's all hope the rain stops. On Friday we usually have pizza.
Saturday , tag sale we hope, I usually try to make french toast for Bobo and Sissy (everyone else too) and sandwiches for lunch. Supper ?
Hope everyone is not having a lot of rain like we are.

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  1. Hope your rain lets up, or at least it heads our way! We could really use some. And I love that friday night is pizza night. At our house we try and make homemade pizza once a week. I love your blog, am a new follower!