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Saturday, August 27, 2011


I've been watching TV and hoping that people are safe and are prepared. I know from the ice storm we had years ago that we were without power for over a week. They are telling people to get prepared to lose power but there really is no way to prepare to lose power for that long.
When you think a head always and have a stockpile you are that much more prepared. I buy batteries when they are on sale, I always have a stock of canned foods like soup , tuna and spaghetti. You can always use your grill outside to cook these items. When I was first married in the winter we used to cook a turkey a day or two before and have leftovers if we could not get out of the house. You can always eat peanut butter ! I also always have cans of fruit , they do not have to be refrigerated. I am soo happy that I do not have to run to the store and be disappointed because they do not have anything that we need.
Not to mention the money that we save. We hope that everyone is safe.

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