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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Yesterday I felt like making sausage with peppers and onions. I had gone to this wonderful Italian store about 15 minutes from our house and bought their sausage links. I stopped at ALDI"S and bought a big bag of onions. Their onions were really big and normally I would by smaller ones but when you need a lot it is so much easier to dice them if they are big. I stopped on the way home at our local vegetable stand. They were picking your own but it was too for me so I got a half bushel for only $5.50 . I filled up 2 of those plastic bags full .What a bargain !
Today I diced the onions, put them in a big frying pan with olive oil waited till they were very soft and diced the peppers and put those in. While this was happening I was frying the sausage in another pan. As the sausage seemed to be cooking I cut them in pieces to cook the inside a little faster. I then put them in with the peppers and onions......Could eat them in grinders with sauce or just alone. I had extra left so it will be for another meal. I am going to pick my own tomatoes tomorrow and whatever else they are picking.

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