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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


     My family never thought that we would be homeschooling. It never even crossed our mind. But that all changed! People think that we are overprotective but the more we read everyday about what is happening to our children in the schools we are convinced that we are doing the right thing.
     I refuse to worry when I drop my precious children off at school if they are going to be bullied by other children or adults. I refuse to worry if the child sitting next to mine brought a gun to school that day. I refuse to worry if any child in their classroom brought drugs from home and has the kids try it out.
     I am able to sleep at night because I am educating my children on the things they really need to know, not what others think is best for them to know. I am able to use my time and money on things they really need, not keeping up with the new trends in clothes, not the newest backpack and not the most expensive shoes. I am able to get an IPAD that will help my children more than all of that. I am able to go on meaningful day field trips. Not like the one where the kids run around and no one takes the time to talk about why they are there and why it is a great learning place.
    A few weeks ago we went to a museum where we took our time and answered their questions while the 2 schools that were there, had 2 teachers to about 30 kids and they never even talked to the kids once, except to tell them to slow down and maybe not run around too much.
     Gone are the teachers who love their jobs of nurturing our young. They have been replaced by teachers who are afraid that their kids won't do well on their standardized test that year and they may not get recognition , raises and more. We need to tell our elected leaders that this is not what our children really need. This has become a chore of teaching to these tests and do not really measure what our children know but what they can memorize in 8 weeks before the tests.
    As we begin our journey we are looking at what other parents in this situation have done. It is a true learning experience but one that is being tracked while we all learn together.
     When we first started our blog it was for a different reason, but it has evolved into our homeschooling experience as well as it's earlier intent. I have seen my children grow and learn more in 2 months of homeschooling, than they did in 7 months of  REAL school.
     It scares us to think that a child who is a little different in their learning abilities, has the chance that they may be secluded from their peers, or not really given what they really need to excel.  Some parents, according to newspaper reports never find out or find out that something happens, until after the fact.
     We are looking to others and The Carnival of Schooling is a great way to share thoughts and ideas.We as a family are embarking on a new experience and so far it is one of the best things we have ever done.


  1. I've been considering homeschooling my daughter when she is older, she's only 15 months old right now so I have some time. I love to hear about the homeschooling experiences of others!

    Btw, I'm your newest follower from Hop Along Friday!

    Trisha @ Momma T and Baby E

  2. Favorite product Fridays is live. Love for you to link up a review or product ;)