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Saturday, July 21, 2012


This week has been and will continue to be party after party. Bobo's real birthday was Thursday, we had a small party, Sissy's real birthday is Wednesday, we will have a small party.Tomorrow we are having a party for both.   The other day I wrote about how both kids wanted a TOY STORY cake and how I finally found the 4 cake figures on line. Well, scratch that idea. Mommy, Bobo, Sissy and I went to the store to order the cake yesterday and the combinations of chocolate custard and kind of cake did not work out, because some of us(myself  included) are allergic to chocolate. the kids finally decided on 2 different cakes. One chocolate with THOMAS THE TRAIN DECORATIONS mixed with WOODY AND BUZZ, and one vanilla with PRINCESS DECORATIONS. Sissy has made it clear though, that her JESSIE the TOY STORY cowgirl will be on the cake right next to them.
Every time I see another year go by I think about Poppie, their  grandfather, my husband, and Mommy's sisters' and brother's Daddy. He loved birthdays, actually everyday was a party and he would always find  a reason to buy something, for  Bobo and Sissy! If he saw something in the store he would buy it, said he was going to save it for a birthday or holiday but, it always made their way to them within a few days.
I hope that they remember him and how much he loved both of them.
I often think about what he would be saying about Mommy's decision and our family jumping right in to help offer support for her to homeschool the kids. And I know that he is standing there whispering in our ears that we are doing the right thing and he would have been doing the same. Nana

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