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Thursday, May 3, 2012


I guess some people may think I am nuts but I really love to cook in the summer. I love to use my CROCKPOT  while going around my day to day errands. I love to make potato salad ahead so that it is really cold for dinner! I like to go to local vegetable stands and cook fresh vegetables.   One thing I used to make is SUN TEA.  Just get a large glass pitcher put about 6 tea bags with the tag hanging over the edge. Put it somewhere in your kitchen where the sun shines in. In a few hours you will  have delicious iced tea. Add ice and you are good to go!
Mommy and Sissy and I are going to love making pot roast in out CROCKPOT. So we are getting ready while the prices are right. Today Mommy went to STOP AND SHOP near our house and got 6 pot roasts for only $1.99 a pound on sale from $5.99.  They actually came to about $5.00 each. Peel a few potatoes , throw in some carrots and you are all set until dinner time. We like to use onions and seasonings for pot roasts but sometimes we just improvise.
A really great way to make a cheap dinner is to but a thick steak that seems to have meat with a amount of fat . We took 2 of those on Tuesday put them in the CROCKPOT and after a few hours very tender meat broke away from the bone. It served all of us instead of fighting with meat that was tough it was very tender.

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