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Monday, July 18, 2011


Tomorrow is Bobo's birthday ! Yeh ! Usually ever since our children were little we had a large extended family party on the weekend and on the real birthday we had a smaller version. So with that said here goes ...
Tuesday probably sandwiches and an ice cream cake
Wednesday maybe go out to eat cause Daddy is on vacation
Thursday some kind of chicken
Friday we usually get pizza
Saturday big cookout party hope the weather cooperates
I, Nana, looked at my grandchildren this weekend and thought a lot about Poppie. It has not been that long since we lost him and I really hope that my grandchildren remember some of the things he taught them . He loved all kinds of parties, especially when he had an excuse to get the kids a present. Thank goodness our children are lucky enough to have a chance to tape their loved ones with their voices. We only had movies without sound.

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