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Friday, January 3, 2020

Looking Back on 2019

We have been really busy this year especially after July. We had every weekend booked sometimes double booked with Mommy going to one show and Auntie going to another. We were so excited when we got an opportunity to be in a Lifetime Movie called, "Rediscovering Christmas". Then we had to wait over 2 months to see the movie and how much we were in. We knew that Sissy was in it. Right before Christmas we watched it. Sissy, Mommy, and Auntie were in it. I, Nana, did not go the 3 days they were filming but guess what? One of my Santa Boot wreaths was chosen to be in the movie. Oh my gosh! I almost fell over. What an honor. Here is the actual boot. And yes as some have asked it has been put away in a safe place. Here's hoping for another great fun year and more opportunities! The me in the picture is Auntie, Lori is Mom and Sissy is Sissy.

Here is my boot that was actually in a Lifetime Movie. Nana

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