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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Silver Rose Romeo by Amelia Rose Promotional Tour and Giveaway

Silver River Romeo
by Amelia Rose
About The Book:
Silver River RomeoSilver river romeo
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Publisher:Gold Crown
Release Date: June 7, 2013
Book Description:
Customer Reviews. "I really liked it and highly recommend it if you like a modern day cowboy romance " Gatorfan "I'm a cowboy from Fort Worth, Texas. This book was a hit with me, so much so that my wife plans to read it next at my recommendation" Z.Armstrong Cole McKenna has been a rancher at Silver River since he was old enough to walk. He doesn’t mind the scars and bruises, but he’s starting to hate the feeling of being tied down, especially when the neighboring ranch is put up for sale. Raven Branch has always called to him and when a pretty young woman from the city arrives to take over he is determined not to let her ruin his favorite piece of land. Soon he has to wonder though. Is he keeping an eye on the ranch...or the woman?  
  Marshall probably would have been as impatient with him as the horse was. There was always something to be done on a ranch and Marshall took it all very seriously, but Cole couldn’t help it. Raven Branch had been empty ever since Hank Carson had died last winter. His kids had headed off to the city years ago but even without anyone to help him work the ranch, the man hadn’t let one square inch of the place sell. He knew his kids were selling when he was gone, he’d said as much to Cole a few years ago. He wanted to enjoy it while he could. Cole sighed. He hated to see the place go. Hank Carson had worked long and hard to keep it up and running smoothly and it was a shame to watch it all go to waste. Even the driveway, which was all he could see from where he sat, looked neglected. Cole realized it was a little depressing to be here this late in the evening, with the sinking sun illuminating all that great land going to seed from lack of someone to work it. He was turning to ride back home when he saw a big black truck kicking up dust in the Carson’s long drive. There was a big orange U-haul hooked to the truck. It looked like someone had managed to buy the place, after all. Cole brought the horse to a stop and leaned forward, listening to the leather of Sheriff’s saddle creak but he couldn’t see anything without jumping the fence and riding closer. Although he wasn’t discounting the idea entirely, he’d have to meet the neighbors at some point after all. However, he knew better than to try it today. The sun was already sinking lower than he’d realized and he still had his job to do. He steered the horse back to the western cow pasture to start rounding the animals up. It wasn’t too hard to do, at least not today, and the job was soon done. He put Sheriff in the barn closest to the house and brushed him down quickly before dumping out some oats for his supper and rubbing his nose. He usually spent a bit more time with the animal after such a long ride, but he was anxious to talk with his brothers about the latest news.  

About The Author:
Amelia Rose is a shameless romance addict with no intentions of ever kicking the habit. Growing up she dreamed of entertaining people and taking them on fantastical journeys with her acting abilities, until she came to the realization as a college sophomore that she had none to speak of. Another ten years would pass before she discovered a different means to accomplishing the same dream: writing stories of love and passion. Amelia has always loved romance stories and she tries to tie all the elements she likes about them into her writing.  

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