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Friday, April 13, 2012


I was able to read the book Brush of Angels Wings by Ruth Reid, a part the Heaven on Earth series. The Amish community had standards for what a bride should be. But, Rachel Hartzler certainly did not fit into their ideas. She is a field hand who is not afraid to work, a really bad cook and grieving the horrible loss of her brother.
Then she meets Jordan Engles, a man hired by her father so that Rachel could learn how to sew and cook and not spend her time in the fields. Her father hoped that this would help her find a husband. She is upset that her father really doesn't act like he wants her to help and she resents him for trying to replace her brother.Jordan's mother has passed away and he promised that he would see if he liked his Amish roots. He fully thought that this would be over soon. When she did die he came to live with his uncle Isaac. He cannot wait to leave when he finds that they attend church for 3 hours and they are too strict for his liking.
Enter Nathaniel, an angel of God, who can see that Jordan's heart and Rachel's heart surely have a chance to get together. He tries to show them the way to heal and find love along the way.
How can she bear the loss of her sister in childbirth and go on after losing her brother? How and will she be able to turn her back on her family when they seem to need her most?
This book was a very sad book. Although I love books about Amish life this was a little too sad for me. I even found myself crying while I was reading it. It was well written story and seemed to have the usual ending but, I would have liked to see a little more gladness and not so much heartbreak. I was given this book by www.booksneeze.com with no their compensation for purpose of a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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