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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Well it has happened, Sissy has found out that there is a full length SNOW WHITE movie and she wants to watch it over and over . Bobo does not agree and summed it up like this "Snow White went to sleep , the Prince kissed her and put her on a horse. The end."
He wants to watch TOY STORY. So, Daddy went to get more movies. He went , guess where? to GOOD WILL and bought 10 DISNEY tapes for $20. Now they have a new card and if you spend $20 you get 5% off! Now that's saving money. He got PINOCCHIO, CINDERELLA and more. All for the cost of just about one DISNEY MOVIE. I guess Daddy's hooked too and I asked us not to send him there again.
It is hard for me to believe that parents still spend hundreds of dollars on DISNEY MOVIES. It is ridiculous!!!

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