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Friday, January 27, 2012


One way that I always used to save money on groceries, when my children were all home, and I hope my children including Mommy are practicing, was then and still is purchasing a larger ham or a larger turkey than you need even on a regular weekly grocery shopping trip . Why do some people believe that you have to wait for a holiday or a special occasion to cook these economical main dishes? In the cold of the winter I love to put a ham or a turkey in the oven. It is so comforting to smell and to feel the warmth coming from the oven.

Then the leftovers, making me hungry just thinking about them. The ham sandwiches for work the next day and a recipe my mother still loves to cook , creamed ham and egg on toast. We all loved this as a brunch or even a supper with a can of peas on the side or in the tasty mixture. The turkey also in great sandwiches the next day. The memories of turkey salad and leftover turkey as a great main dish with other leftovers. The average cost of a steak or roast is more or about the same as these 2 items until you factor in the leftovers they produce!

I think I will go out this weekend and get one of these to cook the first cold day next week. I really cannot wait! Do you also believe in this practice and what are some of your ideas to use leftovers ?

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