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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We are now in the 3rd week of the promotion which gave 4 $5.00 catalinas for your next 4 weeks of shopping. The catalinas are for Kraft and or Nabisco products. Guess what? This week they have Ritz Crackers and Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies for $1.99 each. I will be able to buy one of each or 2 of the same for free. I can also buy 3 and owe just under $1.00!
Catalinas are a great way to buy something that you really need but there are no coupons for them.
When I made supper tonight I had to think fast. We had already taken 2 pork steaks out of the freezer. I rinsed them off with cold water and put PLANKO bread crumbs in a baggie. I put the pork in and shook them until the were coated. Then I put them on a cookie sheet. I sprinkled a little dill seasoning on them and then I sprinkled some balsamic vinegar on them. I put them in a pre-heated oven at 375 degrees for 1 and 1/4 hours. These have the reputation for not being a soft meat. but when they were cooked like this they were delicious. The other time I cooked these I put them in a crock pot. They were more tender in the crock pot but it took longer to cook and I did not have the time to cook them that way this time.
I was really a little upset this past week when I went into a store and they were putting all of their Christmas items out. I really wish that Sissy and Bobo were able to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving before they get entranced with Christmas. In my opinion we are moving to fast and we need to slow down and enjoy every moment we have with our friends and family.

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