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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We had really planned to go to PUMPKINTOWN U.S.A. on Sunday but the weather did not cooperate. So we decided to go to another orchard near our house instead. It really turned into a family day. All of Nana's children and grandchildren came. All of the in-laws came too. Even Nana's brother and sister came. We bought pumpkins, apples, pears, apple butter , pumpkin butter and apple cider. We were very excited when baskets of Paula Red apples said $10.00 a basket buy one get one free. We bought 6 baskets altogether paid for 3. Then we went to Mommy's house and let the kids separate them for each family.

This is such a great way to save money. Mommy makes great apple pies. Nana makes apple crisp. She is not able to make good pies. Nana has found tons of uses for the apples. We love to use them in fall cooking, and put them in the crockpot with chicken and pork. They make a great sauce and add a great flavor to the meal.

Then we stopped at another cider mill on the way home and pulled the kids in a wagon to look for more pumpkins. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. When we went back to Mommy's, Bobo's and Sissy's we made pasta, with Mommy's homemade sauce and salad. Then we had 2 cakes to celebrate 2 birthdays within 2 weeks of each other.

Fall in our family signals a start to 8 birthdays before CHRISTMAS. Nana has always tried to teach the kids to buy presents all year long. You can get some great presents really get ones you like and save some money along the way. We also save gift bags and use them again and again. Some of these are really beautiful.

We all missed Poppie every minute that day. He so loved Halloween. I know he was there in spirit.

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