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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


When I read in the flyer for STOP AND SHOP GROCERY store this week that there was a special section with mostly baking products on sale we got really excited. The ad said that if you buy any 10 of the listed items you would get $5.00 back instantly with your STOP AND SHOP card. I needed cake mixes because we really like to bake in the cooler months. The PILLSBURY CAKE MIXES were 10 for $10. So that is actually $1.00 each. When I checked the dates they were good till December 2012. I went to the register and when the cashier hit the total button they were only $5.00. We were able to get 10 cake mixes for $.50 each. It has been a long time since I have seen these that cheap without coupons.

Today Mommy used some of the apples that we bought on Sunday. She made apple butter which had to cook for 10 hours in the crock pot. We cannot wait to see how it comes out when we cool it overnight. She also made apple pies and applesauce. Sissy was helping Mommy cook while Bobo was in school when Nana came over. Nana remembered that when Mommy and her brother and sisters were little she sent away for a children's recipe booklet that got so tattered she didn't remember what had happened to it. But, Nana remembered that it had regular size recipes and small recipes versions. We decided to try to duplicate what Mommy and Nana made when she was little. We took PILLSBURY REDI-CRUST and rolled it out. Mommy had small 5 inch non stick pans. We sprayed them with PAM and put the pan upside down. We went around the pan and cut the dough as we were doing this. We took some apples that Mommy had already cut and prepared for one of her pies and cut them into smaller pieces. We were able to get 6 small mini pies or pie tarts as some people like to call them. We had saved some of the pie crust and we cut it in small strips. We did a criss-cross lattice on the top of the pies. Then we cooked them until the crusts were a little browned. Wow they were delicious. The best part was that Mommy was carrying on the tradition with Sissy !

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