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Friday, July 15, 2016

A Simple Vow by Charlotte Hubbard Excerpt Tour and Giveaway

A Simple Vow

by Charlotte Hubbard


GENRE: Inspirational Romance ( Amish)



Housed in a rustic red barn, the Simple Gifts crafts shop celebrates the talents of the Amish of Willow Ridge—and the faith that inspires them. For the acceptance of simplicity opens the path to love.

As far as Edith Riehl is concerned, the baby twins thrust suddenly into her arms are a heaven-sent gift. Unable to conceive, she longs to be a mother with a home of her own. She’s going to abide by her promise to handsome Asa Detweiler to take care of them while he looks for their real father. And even if her domineering dat Cornelius refuses to countenance Asa’s suit, she can only pray the bachelor’s honesty and persistence will uncover the truth—even as he’s kindled an impossible hope for a love of her own…

Asa can’t understand why anyone would think he would be so dishonorable as to father babies and then abandon them. He’s determined to clear his name—but Edith’s caring ways also inspire him to help heal her wounded spirit and earn her trust. In the face of heartbreaking deception, he and Edith must find the strength to understand, forgive…and claim their own hearts’ joy.



From her upstairs bedroom, Edith heard the front door close, followed by her father’s footsteps crossing the hardwood floor and then ascending the stairs. She quickly dropped the two dirty diapers into an old enamelware pot and put the lid on it, knowing Dat would object to the smell . . . just as the babies’ fussing would bother him—now, and when he went to bed in the room adjacent to hers. She’d figured Dat would return early from the wedding. He’d had all morning to plan his sermon while Bishop Tom and Preacher Ben Hooley had been delivering theirs during the church service.

Shhh,” Edith whispered. She lifted little Louisa to soothe her, swaying from side to side. “Let’s be very quiet, very calm. We’ll pray for Dat’s patience and compassion and—”


Despite the tightening in her stomach, Edith turned toward the doorway and put on a bright smile. “How was the wedding, Dat? Were there lots of folks from—”

Tell me again how you came to be responsible for these two babies,” he said sternly. “And then tell me how you intend to resolve this situation you’ve gotten us into.”

Sighing nervously, Edith sat down on her bed so she could quiet Leroy, who was lying on a towel. Dat hadn’t raised his voice, but he habitually spoke in a tone that conveyed his authority—a tone that had always made her squirm, as the startled twins were doing.

I—I heard a baby crying when I was waiting for you and Loretta and Rosalyn to come downstairs,” Edith began. “When I spotted two fellows having an argument behind the rig the ruckus was coming from, I just had to go and see—”

And why was their conversation your concern, Daughter?” Dat asked. “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Jah, and—like you’ve told me a dozen times—I used up my nine lives ages ago,” Edith replied, hoping to soften her father with humor. “But it was the wee one’s welfare I was concerned about, rather than the men’s talk. I wondered if the mother was too ill to comfort the crying child—and when I looked into the buggy I saw two babies. They were upset about the men’s argumentative talk, no doubt,” she added, hoping he would catch the hint.

Her father crossed his arms, filling the doorway with his broad-shouldered form as his disapproval sucked the air from the room. With his thick graying hair and beard, he reminded Edith of an Old Testament prophet about to foretell her doom. He scowled as Leroy began to cry, which inspired his sister to join in.

How are we to get any sleep? Or concentrate on our work?” Dat asked above their rising wails. “Edith, you are to return these babies to their mother at once!”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Many moons ago—like, in 1983 while she was still a school librarian—Charlotte Hubbard sold her first story to True Story. This launched her into writing around seventy of those “true confessions” stories over the years, and she’s been a slave to her overactive imagination ever since. Over the course of her writing career, she has sold nearly 50 books—most recently, Amish romance series she’s written as Charlotte Hubbard or Naomi King.

Charlotte lived in Missouri for most of her life, so her Amish stories are set in imaginary Missouri towns. These days she lives in St. Paul, MN with her husband of 40+ years and their Border collie, Ramona.

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Charlotte will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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