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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A is For Apprentice by Steve DeWinter Book Tour

Pump Up Your Book Presents A is For Apprentice Virtual Book Publicity Tour!
A is for Apprentice Banner

Pump Up Your Book is pleased to bring you Steve DeWinter’s A IS FOR APPRENTICE virtual book tour November 2 – March 25, 2016!

Inside the Book:

A Is For Apprentice

 A is For Apprentice
Author: Steve DeWinter
Release Date: November 2, 2015
Publisher: Ramblin’ Rose Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Format: Ebook
It is said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.
In Midguard, Spinners are practitioners of innate magic who must learn to control the power that lives inside them before it destroys them.
With the mysterious death of his father, only days before his training is to begin, the knowledge of Van’s lineage as a powerful Spinner is hidden from him. Five years later a near-death experience awakens the dangerous powers within.
Halen, a banished Spinner, is the only one willing to teach Van to manage the magic before it consumes him. He must train Van to hone it into the powerful force needed to stop a vindictive Spinner whose personal mission to conquer Midguard would start a war resulting in the deaths of millions.
But how do they save the world, and Van’s very life, when both apprentice and master are forbidden from ever crossing paths by the same organization created to bring them together?
A IS FOR APPRENTICE is a fantasy novel from the #1 Bestselling Amazon Action & Adventure Sci-Fi Author, Steve DeWinter. This is his next foray into the genre after releasing A Tale of Two Cities with Dragons, a fantasy mashup of the #1 Bestselling Novel of All Time, co-authored with Charles Dickens.
Yes! That Charles Dickens.
A is for Apprentice is available for order at  

Meet the Author:

Steve DeWinter
Steve DeWinter is one of the best adventure authors in the world and, after authoring over 40 books, he still works tirelessly to keep up with the growing demand of readers wanting more across multiple genres.
His books have hit #1 on the Amazon Children’s Action & Adventure Sci-Fi Bestseller list and his adult thrillers reached as high as lucky #13 on the Amazon Action & Adventure Bestseller list. He also has the distinction of having nine books in the top twenty of the Amazon Children’s Action & Adventure Sci-Fi Bestseller list all at the same time.
For More Information
Visit Steve’s website.
Connect with Steve on Twitter and Facebook

Tour Schedule:

 November 2
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November 3
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November 4
Book featured at The Dark Phantom
November 5
Book featured at Write and Take Flight
November 6
Book featured at The Literary Nook
November 9
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November 10
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November 12
Book featured at Teatime and Books
November 13
Interviewed at Literal Exposure
November 16
Book featured at Fabulous and Fun
November 18
Book featured at Chosen by You Book Club
November 19
November 23
Interviewed at The Writer’s Life
November 24
Book featured at Harmonious Publicity
November 25
Book featured at Archaeolibrarian
November 26
Interviewed at Deal Sharing Aunt
November 27
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February 4
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February 5
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February 8
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February 10
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February 18
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February 19
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February 22
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February 24
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March 9
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March 11
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March 17
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March 21
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March 24
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March 25
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