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Friday, November 23, 2012

What is This Grandmother Thankful For This Thanksgiving Weekend ?

   So what is this Grandmother thankful for this Thanksgiving. I am thankful that we are all healthy and were able to spend the day together. I am thankful that tomorrow I will be 59 and I have 4 wonderful children and 3 fantastic  grandchildren. I am thankful for the rest of our family and friends.
   I am thankful and I need to say this, once again that my daughter has decided to homeschool my grandchildren! With the love and support  my other daughters,  my grandchildren have done more in 7 months of homeschooling than they even came near to imagining while in school last year.
  Another child in a nearby local public school has died after being being pulled out of a pool. A child gets shot in another state. What is going on? 
  I have said in an earlier post that my grandchildren have been enjoying the i-Pad that we purchased a few months ago. Imagine how I felt when Bobo and Sissy were arguing the other day about who was going to use the computer. Just a  few months ago they were not even interested , nor did they want to learn, how to use it. It is not merely going on a website that is already up but typing in a website or scrolling down what they want to find. They have begun reading, Sissy a little faster.
   I have found after serving on the local board of education and speaking to teachers and other parents there just aren't enough computers and or i-Pads to go around. There are about 25 kids in a classroom sharing a few. They are not able to get the kind of schooling that Bobo and Sissy are having the opportunity to have.  I wish that other parents look into homeschooling their children, it could potentially be the best decision they have ever made.

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