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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Little Catch Up! Six Flags Reading Program

     We are now doing a countdown to Mommy's birthday. Bobo and Sissy, as usual have allergy problems. All of us do. Most people do not know that some allergies are worse in the winter because the house is buttoned up and the air has little circulation. The furnace makes it worse because it blows the dust mites around.
     Both Bobo and  Sissy are getting to be quite proficient in the workings of the computer and the iPad. We are working on addition and writing more and reading.  We have been using READING EGGS with great success. They both love to read books with us. The use of the Tag pen is also helping to read . They remind me of the records we use to get with the read along books so that we could follow the story ourselves. I can remember waiting for the beep to let me know when to turn the page. Haha!
    We were all safe and together today when an Amber Alert broke into the TV while we were watching it. We were once again happy to be able to have the feeling that we know where Bobo and Sissy were.  Maybe we seem to be overprotective, but we feel differently.
    We have enrolled the kids into a program being sponsored by SIX FLAGS to promote reading in children. There is also a place for homeschoolers to sign up. When they complete the required number of hours they receive a free ticket to go to SIX FLAGS. What a great program.
    Homeschooling takes work and commitment. It has and is a true learning experience. The kids are showing and teaching us a lot. We have had people ask us in the store what grade the kids are in. We answer that they are homeschooled. In 9 out of 10 cases they answer with, one of relatives homeschools, or one of my friends do. There has never been anyone to seem shocked. Let's keep making others understand what homeschooling is and why it is so good for the kids.

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