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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We had a really nice birthday party on Sunday. We finally learned the secret of a no work party. We ordered a platter, rolls and 2 cakes all at the same place. Daddy picked it all up right before the party.
Auntie Lala and Uncle Lala bought balloons at the dollar store and saved about $20 because they did not buy them at a party store. Bobo and Sissy are now falling in love with their LEAPSTERS. It is like children were a"long" time ago when we used to put earphones on to listen to our favorite channel on the radio.
These are really fun  and they are not a waste of time because they are learning while playing. They are learning to add subtract and more. they are also learning dexterity with their hands.
Both kids loved their cakes and they came out really great. I will put pictures on as soon as possible. We were waiting for JESSIE FROM TOY STORY to change into a princess. WOODY AND BUZZLIGHT  YEAR FROM TOY STORY were ready to take a ride on THOMAS THE TRAIN.
It is really hard for all of us to realize that they are getting so much older.

I am really also excited because Mommy doesn't have to run around shopping for back to school gear. The great thing about Homeschooling is that it never stops or takes a holiday. You teach at your child's pace, whenever they ask questions or you want to reinforce something that you happened to notice that would be part of a great learning experience. This is also wonderful because it is still fresh in their mind.

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