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Monday, July 16, 2012


Here we go again in the middle of a heat wave! Thank goodness Bobo and Sissy like yogurt. I always used to eat it only  once in awhile, but now I find myself buying tons every week. We love all kinds. When the kids are playing with their toys outside or swimming in their pool,or just working on their lessons, they are easy to grab eat and keep playing.
The next 2 weeks in our house is all about birthdays!! Bobo and Sissy are only 1 year and 6 days apart. A lot of people ask if they are twins, they always act like they are.
Their birthdays will be celebrated together for family members who need to travel. We have always done this since my children were little, and then on their real birthday just have a small cake to let them have a special day. This works out well in this instance because it gives them a day all their own to feel birthday special. I should know my younger sister and I are 1 day apart and Mommy and I are 3 days apart!
We are birthday gift poor in July and November!
I was chosen by House Party to host a Hope Springs party. Mommy and I have done a lot of these and they are great ways to get together and try out new ideas and products. cannot wait! Mommy and I have been members since 2008 when they had just started.

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